Homework 4

Output Requirements

Display an invoice number, the name of the item ordered, the quantity ordered, the unit price of the item, the extended price for the quantity ordered, the sales tax, and the total amount due.

Input Requirements

Using interactive input techniques, obtain the invoice number, the name of the item (may be two or more words), the quantity, and the unit price from the user.

Processing Requirements

The extended price for the quantity ordered is the quantity times the unit price. The sales tax is 6% of the extended price. The total amount due is the sum of the extended price and the sales tax.

Miscellaneous Requirements

The tax rate should be a named constant in your program. When executed, your program should look like the sample run shown below. The input prompts (and resulting user inputs) are the four indented lines preceding the invoice. Use the setw manipulator to display the values of the extended price, the tax, and the total due. This will make it easy to get them all lined up in a column.

I've written part of the program for you. Download the file Hmwk04.cpp complete this project.