Homework 5

Modify your fourth homework assignment to meet the new requirements spelled out below.

Output Requirements

Generate a text file named "invoice.txt" that contains an invoice number, the name of the item ordered, the quantity ordered, the unit price of the item, the extended price for the quantity ordered, the sales tax, and the total amount due. The output sent to the file should have the same format as the output that was displayed in homework 4.

Input Requirements

Read from an input file named "invoice.dat" the invoice number, the name of the item (may be two or more words), the quantity, and the unit price.

For this program, there is no need to display the instructions and, of course, no need to get any input from the user. The only thing your program should send to the standard output stream is the message illustrated here:

Creating an Input File

You can create your input file using Quincy:

1. Open a new text file.

2. Save it as "invoice.dat".

3. Enter a set of data, one item per line. Here is an example:

iPod Case

4. Save your data file and then close it.