Homework 6

This assignment is a modification of the interactive version of the invoice display program you wrote for homework 4. The changes appear in bold in the requirements listed below.

Output Requirements

Display an invoice number, the name of the item ordered, the quantity ordered, the unit price of the item, the extended price for the quantity ordered, the discount, the final price, the sales tax, and the total amount due.

Input Requirements

Using interactive input techniques, obtain the invoice number, the name of the item (may be two or more words), the quantity, and the unit price from the user.

Processing Requirements

The extended price for the quantity ordered is the quantity times the unit price. If the extended price exceeds $250, the customer is given a discount of 5% of the extended price. The final price is the extended price minus the discount (if any). The sales tax is 6% of the final price. The total amount due is the sum of the final price and the sales tax.

Miscellaneous Requirements

The tax rate, the price cutoff for applying the discount, and the discount rate should be named constants in your program. If the purchase qualifies for a discount, your program should look like this:

Discounted Invoice

If the purchase does not qualify for a discount, the invoice should look exactly as it would in the previous assignment. Here is an example:

Non-Discounted Invoice