Homework 13

A palindrome is a string of characters that reads exactly the same forwards and backwards. Together, we are going to write a program that allows the user to enter a string value and then indicates whether the string value is a palindrome or not. I've written the main portion of the program but you'll have to implement two functions in order for the program to work.

The main program invokes a boolean function named isPalindrome whose only argument is a string value. This function returns true if the string is a palindrome and false if it is not. Basically, all this function does is determine whether the value of the argument equals the reverse of itself.

The function reverse returns a string that is the reverse of its string argument. For example, if the value of the string argument is "Homework 13", the function reverse returns the string "31 krowemoH".

The functions isPalindrome and reverse have already been declared in Hmwk13.cpp but they are just stubs (they do not yet perform their assigned tasks). Your job is to get them working.