Week 7 Homework

Due Feb 25

Problem 1

In our discussion of CPU Registers, we commented that in a CPU, we generally had a set of general purpose registers any one of which could send its data to the A input of the ALU and/or to the B input of the ALU. We also commented that the output of the ALU could then be sent to any combination of zero or more of these same registers. We used a DEEDS circuit with multiplexers to illustrate how any one of four registers could be selected to feed the A and/or B bus of an ALU. Using DEEDS, implement a circuit that will allow the contents of a single register (representing the output of the ALU) to be transferred to any combination of 0 to 4 registers. Here is a hint. All four registers must be connected to the same data bus coming from the source register but only the selected registers will actually read the data from the bus.

Textbook Problems

Do the following problems from the problem set at the end of chapter 3 in our text:

9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 22, 24