Lab 7

In  this assignment, you are to write a program that creates and shows a graphical user interface. The user will not be able to do anything useful with this program but you will fix that in a later assignment. When your program is executed, the following application window should be displayed:

Default Layout

You should be able to resize the window to get it to look like this:

Modified Layout

The interface includes five components: two labels ("Normal Text" and "Uppercase Text"), one editable text field (size 10) for the normal text, one non-editable text field (size 10) for the uppercase text, and one button. Since all you are doing is creating and showing the interface, it is not necessary, at this point, to know what this program is supposed to do. So don't worry about it.

Submitting Your Work

Send me your Lab07.java file as an attachment to an email message whose subject is "Lab07".