Lab 9

In this lab, you are to write an application that allows the user to enter the radius of a circle any number of times. For each radius entered by the user, your application will display the circumference and the area of the circle. The program will terminate when the user enters zero or a negative number for the radius. The output from a sample run is shown below. Your output should look exactly the same given the same input values. Notice, in particular, that the numeric values are displayed to 3 decimal places.

Sample Run 

Your application should use a Circle object (based on your most recent Circle class from Lab 5). Set the radius of your Circle object equal to the value entered by the user and then use the class getters to get the circumference and the area of your circle.

Submitting Your Work

Submit your Lab09.java application and your Circle.java class file as attachments to an email message whose subject is "Lab09".