CSC392 - Computer Organization & Systems

Syllabus, Spring 2013

Three (3) Credit Hours
Room: HR 308
Time: 3:00 - 3:50 p.m. (M, W, F)
Office Hours: As shown below and by appointment.


Text: Structured Computer Organization, 4th. ed.; Tanenbaum; Prentice-Hall; 1999.


Computer Organization is a survey of computer organization and systems including number representation, digital logic, microprogramming, machine language, operating system concepts, and assembly language programming. A student successfully completing all the requirements of this course will

Classroom presentations will consist primarily of lectures, demonstrations, and discussion.


Grades will be based on the following activities:

One test will be given at mid-term (Mar 4) and the other during the week of final exams (Apr 29). Weekly homework assignments are due on the day of the first class meeting following the end of the week in which the assignment is given. There will be homework assigned every week (see the course schedule below) except the week of the spring break. Late homework will not be accepted unless there are unusual mitigating circumstances involved. The two lowest homework scores will be dropped.


Letter grades are assigned on the basis of the number of points earned out of the 550 points possible:

 Grade  Points
A   428-460  
A- 414-427
B+ 401-413
B 382-400
B- 368-381
C+ 355-367
C 336-354
C- 322-335
D 276-321
F 000-275


All students are expected to attend class and to complete assignments and readings outside of class. If a student misses a class, the student is responsible for the work missed. The registrar will excuse an absence due to

When you present me with the official excused absence form, you will be permitted to make up any quiz or test you might have missed. An excused absence does not give you an excuse to turn homework in late. Homework can be turned in early by slipping it under my door, giving it to the Hamann-Ray administrative assistant (located on the middle of the second floor on the front side of the building), or giving it to a classmate to bring to class.

Decisions regarding missed or late work resulting from such circumstances as travel difficulties, bad weather, conflicting schedules, oversleeping, minor sickness, doctor or dentist appointments, job interviews, discretionary trips (such as weddings), and family responsibilities will be at my discretion and will be made on a case by case basis.

You can find Asbury University's attendance policy in the university bulletin at the following link:



The work by a student taking a test is expected to be the product of the student alone. In this course, cheating includes unauthorized collaboration (giving or receiving help from some person) and unauthorized access to sources (including notes, cheat sheets, digital documents, and so on). Incidents of academic dishonesty will be recorded in your permanent file. In addition, the following penalties will apply:

You can find Asbury University's complete academic integrity policy in the university bulletin at the following link:


Because this is a directed-study course, students are permitted to help each other on homework assignments. This should not be construed too liberally. You are still expected to work on the homework on your own. However, if you get stuck, you may get help from another student. The intent here is to allow you to get enough help so that you understand how to answer the question yourself as opposed to simply copying the other student's answer.


Because this course is being taught as a directed study, this schedule should be considered as a general guideline and is subject to change. Homework assigned in any given week is due at the beginning of the first class period following the end of that week. (Normally, that would be the first class of the next week, but homework assigned during the week before spring break will be due at the first class of the week after spring break.)

Month Day Activity or Material Covered
Jan 7 1.1 - 1.3Hmwk
  9 1.4 - 1.5
  11 Appendix A
  14 Appendix BHmwk
  16 2.1 - 2.2
  18 2.3
  21 Martin Luther King Day (No Classes)Hmwk
  23 2.4
25 3.1 (Digital Logic)
  28 3.1Hmwk
  30 3.2 (Karnaugh Maps)
Feb 1 3.2 (Sample Integrated Circuits)
  4 3.2Hmwk
  6 3.2 (Digital Building Blocks)
  8 3.2 (Arithmetic Unit)
  11 3.3 (Memory)Hmwk
  13 3.3
  15 3.3-3.4
  18 4.1 (CPU)Hmwk
  20 4.1 (Microprograms)
  22 4.1
  25 4.2 Hmwk
  27 4.2 (Machine Language Environment)
Mar 1 4.2
  4 Test 1 (Machine Language Interpreter)Hmwk
6 4.3 (Machine Language Programs)
8 4.3
  11 Spring Break
  13 Spring Break
  15 Spring Break
  18 4.3 (Assembly Language)Hmwk
  20 4.3
  22 4.3
  25 5.1Hmwk
  27 5.2 
  29 Good Friday Break
Apr 1 Easter Break
  3 5.3Hmwk
  5 5.4
  8 5.5Hmwk
  10 5.6
  12 7.1-7.2
  15 7.3Hmwk
  17 7.4 (Intel Assembly Language)
  19 7.4
  22 Assembly Language ProgrammingHmwk
  24 Assembly Language Programming
  26 Assembly Language Programming
  29 Test 2 at 3:30 PM