Comprehensive Final Exam

The final exam questions will require you to apply the techniques of calculus to solve problems that might arise in a business context. There will be only a few questions that focus directly on fundamental concepts or on specific techniques of differentiation or integration. The majority of the final exam questions will be like the section and chapter review applications in our text.


The following list summarizes the applications we have investigated in this course:

Some applications require specific formulas and there is no great virtue in memorizing these specific formulas. Consequently, for the final exam, you will be provided with a formula sheet listing some of these formulas. As helpful as this may be, remember that the crucial thing is that you understand the underlying concepts and be able to correctly interpret the results.


The table below lists some of the main techniques that we have learned during the semester. This table will not be provided during the final exam.

Technique Differentiation Integration
Constant Coefficient
Sum & Difference  
Composite (Chain) (See integration by substitution below.) 
Substitution (See chain rule above.)