Lab 8

In  Lab 7, you wrote an application to create and display a graphical user interface. In this assignment, you will add the code needed to allow that application to respond to user interaction. The purpose of the application is very simple. The user enters text in the first text field as normal text. When the OK button is clicked, the text entered by the user will be displayed in the second, non-editable, text field using all uppercase letters. (To convert text to uppercase, use the toUpperCase method of the String class.)

 Here is a sample run:

Default Layout 

If you had adjusted the window before entering the normal text, it would look like this:

Modified Layout 

Bonus Points

I'll give you 5 bonus points if you create the graphical user interface using a GridLayout rather than a FlowLayout. If you use a vertical gap of 5 pixels between components then the interface should look like this:


Submitting Your Work

Send me your Lab08.java file as an attachment to an email message whose subject is "Lab08".